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Creating an impact

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Digital Humans

Digital landscape is changing our lives. We're contributing in the revolution too through our autonomous digital humans and more immersive machine interfaces.

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Affordable Science Labs

AI infused virtual environments bringing quality practical education to underprivileged schools and hearing impaired students through virtual reality.

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Native AR

Our native language AR subtitles and goggles bring empowerment, independence, and freedom to the hearing impaired workers and students.

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Stories that breathe

Providing a sense that we all are connected through humanity even today. Witness time travelling as we preserve our historic tales as VR experiences.

Transforming Learning Environments

As automation, robotics and artificial intelligence have the potential to displace hundreds of millions of jobs over the next decade, now more than ever we need adaptive training methods to help people prepare for the new economy. VR offers compelling opportunity for last-mile training models that connect education to employment, and enable real-time skill development.

Our remote science labs have the potential to address these challenges through cost reduction, digital delivery, experiential nature of VR and the delivery of hands on like training.

Artificial Intelligence Embodied

Our avatars identify environments along with an intelligent solution for animation. These models can also express the emotions in a virtual environment, speaking the words in real time. These digital humans tend to replace the virtual assistants like siri, Google assistant, hence revolutionizing the gaming and animation industry and giving a cost effective interactive solution for military trainings and knowledge retention.

Our hyper realistic environment which happens to take data from the real environment and adapt through advanced machine learning will innovate the future of 3D animation industry.

Empowering Disabilities

With this initiative we are offering a differentiated and special experience so that the deaf and hearing impaired students as well as workers in the remote areas can experience effective communication in Urdu language. Transforming people's lives through immersive technology is our priority.

Natural language processing alongwith a lowcost AR goggle (currently under research) would ensure that the beneficiaries don't need language interpreters for work.

Connecting Humans in an Era of Machines

Utilizing the embodiment element that VR offers to not only preserve our history but tell those tales in a fashion never done before.

Stories from our cultures are often limited to those of war and suffering that rely on sensationalism to sell. It’s important that stories from underrepresented people reach and influence global culture but it’s even more important that there are increasingly diverse voice telling these stories.

Here's what else we have to offer

We aim to transform the societal mindscape by bringing communities together through the removal of visualization barriers.

Academia Workshops

Beginner, intermediate and expert level training sessions in computer graphics and XR for university students.

Development Consultancy

We've been giving out help for 3 years now in VR development and game design. We're just an email away if you're in trouble.

Immersive STEM Sessions

Certified VR content for science labs is here to make your students understand complex topics and also empower your teaching.

XR Development

Industry standard design and development practices in Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, After Effects, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR.

3D Modelling & Animation

Hard surface modeling, visual effects, architectural planning (in AR and VR), vehicle design, industrial process animation, building information modeling.

Professional Trainings

Learn industry standard development in our carefully crafted training sessions for real-time mesh generation and optimized virtual worlds.

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